Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Show Time is Almost Here!

The Empire State Games are coming to town tomorrow, and I'll be there. It feels strange getting ready for these games because they're in my backyard so to speak, but I'm packing to go away. I'll be staying in the dorms at Manhattanville College which is only 20 minutes from home. I could have opted not to stay on campus, but it's part of the Empire State Games experience. I always enjoy meeting athletes from different sports and areas. The one advantage of being so close to home is if I forget anything, I can jump in the car and go get it. Also I can go home after a race and do laundry. Normally after a day or two of racing my team jersey is standing on its own, and I have wash it in the sink and hope it dries by the next day. I remember in 2004 in Binghampton my teammates and I were trying to blow dry our jereseys so that they wouldn't be too damp.

Since this is my first real competition in over a year, I was reminded just how much I have to think about in terms of my equipment. Once again I'm back to dealing with two bikes and all the different stuff needed for each type of bike. My equipment list looks something like this:

1 time trial bike w/1 spare set of 650 wheels.
1 pair of triathlon shoes with Look Keo cleat.
1 time trial helmet
2 pairs of triathlon shorts.

1 road bike w/1 spare set of 700 wheels.
1 pair of road shoes with regular Look cleats.
1 road helmet
2 pairs of cycling shorts
2 pairs of gloves

OMG! I've reverted to total geekdom! Woo hoo!!! It's all coming back!

That list doesn't include water bottles, pump, nutrition, etc.

The other day I was looking at the cycling roster, found it amusing because in addition to listing our region, it also includes height and weight. Geez if I realized they were going to list that on the website I might have left that blank on my application. I'd rather they had put my age down. At least everyone would see that I'm older then everyone else. I'd rather play the age card then the fat card when I'm getting my butt dropped off the back of the pack.**

** Sorry Cheetah Chick's. There I go with negativity in the form of self-deprecating humor. However humor is going to be what gets me through this along with a lot of prayer.

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