Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Racing By The Numbers

Doing the laundry yesterday I was removing my race numbers from my Hudson Valley jerseys. Looking at my assigned numbers I found a bit of irony in them. Seven is a holy number, so my friend Jeannie always tells me having a 7 in your race number will bring good things during your race. I didn't get injured or sick so that is a good thing. Number 72 was my number for the first three events. If you add 7+2 you get 9 which is the number of points I scored for the team on each of my DFL days.

This is my team time trial number. We were team number 13. Lucky number 13? I'm not superstitious. In fact I like the number 13. I wore it in high school at times. Though in this case I'm not sure being the first women's team sent out, only to be passed by 4 of the 5 following teams is considered being lucky.

I can play math games with this number too. 13-1=12 which is the number of points I scored for the team in the individual time trial.

With these kind of numbers it doesn't make me want to rush out and play the lottery.

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