Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another Faux Pas

I've had technical and racing glitches in every race thus far. So why should the Team Time Trial be any different? This glitch started when I went back home after the criterium. I wanted a nap in an air-conditioned room, wash my jersey and warm up suit, and I wanted to get rid of the gear that I wouldn't need for the time trial. I figured by leaving the road bike and all the associated gear at home it would make checking out easier the next day. I didn't need 700 wheels, road shoes and helmet. I had the 650 wheels, tri-shoes and aero-helmet back at the college. All weekend I had been very careful to make sure I had the right shoes for the right bike. It worked perfectly until the last race because I forgot to take the orthotics out of the road shoes.

I discovered my mistake shortly before midnight when I was packing up my gear. Yes, I know. What was I doing up at midnight packing for a race that started in 9 hours?? It's called; to paraphrase a line from an old "Who" song, "Polly can't sleep at night." I really didn't want to have get up early enough to drive home, pick up the orthotics, and drive to White Plains for the race. I can't go home now because they probably wouldn't let me back on to campus since it's curfew. I figure I can try my running orthotics in the shoes, but I'm not sure how well that would work. My running shoes are in the car. So here it is midnight, the ESG security people are getting the last of the kids to go to their rooms, and here I am wanting to go outside. I can see it now, "Um, Clarence I can't do the team time trial because I broke curfew. Sorry about that. Tell Janice she can go back home."

Fortunately there is an advantage to being a mature adult. When I say "I know it's midnight, and I'm not supposed to be out, but I need something from my car. I'll be right back.", the staff isn't going to give me a lot of flack. I got the orthotics, and talked with the people for awhile. Then needled me a bit and said "Time for bed!" I tried the running orthotics in the tri-shoes, but simply standing there I could tell there was no way I was going to survive 27 miles with this set up. The running orthotics are 3/4 length, and the cycling ones are full length. My toes were hanging over the edge and resting on the bottom of the shoe. They were starting to hurt, and I wasn't doing anything.

I thought about a test ride, but somehow I knew I couldn't go outside again, and riding a circuit around the corridor of the dorm would surely get me booted from the Games. I saw a kid get the boot yesterday. They don't mess around with dorm rules infractions. I've made my mark on these Games as the masochist master rider taking one for the home team. I did not want to become the oldest participant to be booted from the Games for inappropriate behavior in the dorms.

So I was just going to have to suck it up, get up earlier and go home before heading to White Plains. Before going to bed I tried to pack up as much stuff as possible. I decided I would check out in the morning and save myself a trip back after the race.

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