Sunday, July 04, 2010

+0.4 and none of my damn clothes fit!!

I tracked everything, exercised a lot, but....gained .4.  It's kind of frustrating when that happens.  Today I actually got up early and rode up Central Avenue with the group instead meeting them at the tail end of the ride.  I saw a number of people who I had not seen in awhile.  One woman said she hadn't seen me in a long time.  I told her I hadn't been doing much riding.  Her response was "I know. You've put all the weight back on."  Ouch, that was a kick in the proverbial balls.  I haven't put it all back on.  I managed to stay under 150, but I'm well over what I want to be.

The good things about this week: I rode my bike Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I did Tae Kwon Do on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Friday was the first meeting for bodan review class.  All talking and no doing.

The bad thing about this week: Not losing anything, and to make it worse gaining.  I guess I may have to horde my weekly allowance points, and not use so many every day.

Tuesday I leave for Korea.  I started packing today.  I couldn't find this one pair of capri pants that I was looking for, so I kept digging out others.  None of them fit.  Some I could get zipped and buttoned, but they were way too uncomfortable.  Others I couldn't even zip up.  It's really frustrating to have tons of clothes, and most of them don't fit.  I was even having trouble with some shirts that I bought two years ago.  Damn boobs have gotten too big, so the shirts don't fit well either.  I refuse to buy anything else.  I just will make do with what does fit. 

I did finally find the pants I was looking for.  They were stashed away in some bin that I had not looked in before.  I find it kind of embarrassing that I have so many clothes that I have to keep some of them in bins stashed in corners or under the bed.  But what makes it worse is so little of them fit right now.  I don't even know what to get rid of until I lose enough weight to figure out what will really fit.  I'm afraid the size 4 pants may never fit again, but I'd like to at least get into the 6s.

How will I fare with my weight on this vacation? Unclear.  Korean food is not my favorite cuisine.  On my last trip there were times when it was challenging to find something I liked besides rice.  However I can only take so much white rice before my insides are screaming for fiber.  Brown rice does not seem to exist there. Kimchi is most prevalent there.  I tried it, but too bitter or spicy.

 Jeonju Bipimbap - Traditional Korean meal

Wonderful vegetarian restaurant we went to.
It was hard to believe that some of the tofu items weren't really meat.

I finally got some broccoli!

Hopefully I can get through this trip without doing too much damage to the waistline. 

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what it is about Korea, that draws you there.