Monday, June 28, 2010

Alive and Kicking - Update

The weight loss journey has taken off in fits and sputters.  I'm like a car that needs a tune up before going a long road trip.  The short trips have had a few glitches in them.  Week 2 I had lost the big walloping .4 lbs.  Yes that's a decimal place in front of the 4.  That was despite being really good about tracking what I ate.   I think perhaps I need to fine tune exactly how many of my WA points  I use.  In the past I've tried to hardly use any of them, but then I'm eating in a manner that's unsustainable.  This time I decided I would use them, but I had to tweak things a bit.

 I attend meetings on Friday mornings.  I like this one particular leader and Friday morning is a convenient time to catch one of her meetings.  I was a little bummed by the minuscule weight loss, but I couldn't dwell on it because that weekend was our Tae Kwon Do school's black belt testing weekend.  Even though I wasn't testing for black belt, I still had my Bodan Keup 2 test to do.  Besides it was going to be a great weekend of training and testing.

I got through the weekend without too many food mishaps.  I tried to make good food choices as much as possible.  However the training and testing sessions were long and intense so I didn't feel bad about the piece of cake with Saturday night's dinner.  Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend.

Working on my side kick.
I'm standing on the bad leg!

Board breaking with my hand.

Graduation Day!
Me, Marguerite & Susan

Marguerite and I spent many hours training together last Fall getting ready for this big day.  However a trip down the front steps caused me to take a detour so my big day will come in November.  It was a great weekend, and gave me a chance to see what I'm going to have to do in the Fall.

Week 3 I was down 1.2 pounds so that was encouraging.  However 10 days of vacation wiped out that loss, and by the time I came back I was up 1.8 pounds.  After a few weeks of fiddling around, I got myself back on eTools and tracking again.  Last Friday I was down 3 pounds.  Hurray!

The other piece to this weight loss journey is making friends with my bike again.  I'm not ready to go hammer out those 50 mile rides of 4 years ago.  I'm going out 3 days a week and have gotten up to a longest ride of 23 miles.  The rides aren't very fast, but I'm doing them.  It's hard to get excited about riding without having some sort of competitive goal.  At the moment I have no interest in even trying to run again.  I don't know if I had someone to do it with whether that would help or not.  It probably would.  I don't enjoy training on my own.  I like being with people.  My rides coincide with meeting up with my old group for the last part of the ride when the pace has slowed down.

My club uniform is fitting a little tight at the moment.  My gut is sticking out, and I got those jelly rolls on the sides.  Sometimes I feel as though losing the weight isn't going to make them go away.  However if I can get rid of these 12 pounds it should help.  Maybe I need a "gut-be-gone" machine. 

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