Thursday, April 21, 2016

Here Goes Nothing!

Tomorrow I get on a plane and head to Tampa/St. Pete for the weekend.  What kind of weekend it will be? Who knows.  Since I last posted things haven't exactly gone the way I wanted.  I did get to do three rides on the triathlon bike before I dropped her off at the shop for Tri-Bike Transport to pick up.  The back was a little gnarly by the third ride where I went close to 40 miles.  It's more than I'll be doing in the race, but I always like having time on the triathlon bike.  The road bike? Not so good.  I was slow and the back felt like crap.  It just confirms what I already know.  I need to get another fitting for that bike.  I'm just not very comfortable.  Fortunately I won't be riding that bike on Sunday.

Swimming hasn't been so bad.  I had a few good workouts and actually repeated the T1 test that I had first done in February.  My times for the 300s went from 5:58 to 5:50.  Clearly the work I'd been doing was showing.  My last pool workout was Sunday with my Team in Training group.  It was a relatively short workout for me.  1600 yards total.  My back was barking at me.  Probably didn't like the 8 x 25s that I did in 23 seconds per 25.  The 1 x 400 that followed was over 8:00.  Not so good. 

I've run once since I got back.  I ran 3 miles on the track.  Took it easy.  Who knows how 6.2 miles is going to feel after swimming and biking on Sunday.  I've been doing a fair amount of walking, and I've just resigned myself to the fact that I'm probably have to do frequent walk breaks.

This past week I've been really cranky and suffering from a case of the "stupids".  That's where I just space out and don't remember what it is I'm supposed to be doing.  That's not a good thing when one is packing for an out of town event.  I have my check list with everything I need and have packed.  I've even put notes on what item is in what bag.  That way I don't have a panic attack when I can't find something in the gear bag that I actually packed in my suitcase. 

I've been trying to deal with the fact that despite my good winter of training, I may not be able to achieve what I was aiming for in this race.  It's rather frustrating to have all my work get trashed by one of moment of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Although this is not my A race for the season, I did want to do well.  I thought 2:50 - 2:55 was a reasonable time, which based on last year's results would have put me in top 5 in my age group.  This big fish in the little pond wanted to see how she could do with the bigger fish from the bigger ponds.  That may just have to wait. 

If nothing else, I'm going to Florida.  Nothing wrong with that.  I just have to not be stupid on Sunday.  I need to listen to my body, and hope it speaks louder than the inner tri-geek who wants to go for it. 

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