Saturday, August 16, 2014

Big Oops! & a few random pre-race ramblings

I was looking back at the last post I made and noticed 1/2 of it vanished into thin air.  Either I'm getting senile and didn't really write up the race report portion of my post, or it went to the great Internet trash bin.  I know I did write it, but it's gone. Maybe I'll get to rewriting it, but then again probably not.  Tomorrow is another day and another race.

My comeback so far has consisted of two sprint races on a pretty small scale.  The Sleepy Hollow Sprint Triathlon had a few hundred racers.  The Marshmallow Man Sprint triathlon had 34 individuals and 5 relay teams.  Now it's time to hit the major leagues.  West Point Triathlon is the big leagues.  We'll see it goes.

I think I last did it in 2004,  It was lot different back then. It was still very laid back, and reasonable entry fee. Now it's become one of the big boys.  USAT sanctioning and an entry fee that's about double of what paid in '03 and '04.  Triathlon boom strikes again.  I won or placed high in my age group back then.  Not sure how I'll do now that my running has slowed down considerably.  This is just another step towards my Olympic distance comeback in September.

I need to go to bed.  It's about an hour's drive and I can't decided whether I'm going to be totally neurotic and get there before 6:00 am and stand around for 3 hours waiting my wave to be called.  I'm in the 9th of 11 waves.  Race goes off at 8:30. I don't hit the water until 09:10.  Practicing my military time.

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