Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Progress Report

Almost a month has past since I announced my triathlon comeback plan. There have a few bumps in the road along the way, but no major disasters. There was the one Wednesday where I kind of overdid things. Let's see...walk/run in the morning, Tae Kwon Do in the afternoon, and killer spin class in the evening. I woke up the next morning with my joints cursing at me. I had several choices for that day. I could drag my aching body out of bed and do one of the following:

A. Go ride my bike with the guys.
B. Tae Kwon Do at 10:00 am in White Plains.
C. Tae Kwon Do at noon in Scarsdale.
D. Tae Kwon Do at 7:00 pm in White Plains.
E. None of the above.

Considering that I rolled over and went back to sleep until 9:30 A and B were promptly eliminated as choices. As the day progressed and I felt just as lousy as I did in the morning, option E became more and more appealing. It was a wise choice, because by the weekend I had a miserable cold. I think in my old age I'm getting a little smarter about how I'm training. Some things have not changed in my triathlon training. The following two screen shots from Cyclometer shows why.

 Saturday's ride with YTD mileage.

 Monday's walk/run with YTD mileage

My training is still heavily geared towards biking.  However considering that I was riding on New Years Day and my first walk/run day was March 8th I don't think I'm doing so bad.  Though if the winter had been so crappy I might have over a 1000 miles on the bike.  I am not recording my swimming on any phone app.  I don't care how water tight the various phone cases are, I am not strapping my phone on my waist and swimming with it to record yardage.  I will count laps and figure out yardage the old fashioned way. 

The biggest challenge is not trying to work three sports into my week.  The biggest challenge is trying to work four sports into my week.  I'm bringing new meaning to the term "double workout days."  Instead of it being the typical bike in the morning/swim in the evening or bike in the morning/run in the afternoon, it's bike in the morning/Tae Kwon Do in the evening or Tae Kwon Do in the morning/run in the evening.  After that bad Wednesday of the walk-run/Tae Kwon Do/spin combo, I'm going to try to avoid the triple workout day.  Though if I'm preparing for a Tae Kwon Do test I may have a triple day here and there.

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