Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Follow up to the psycho driver

The other day I shared our group ride encounter with the crazy lady. When the police had not tracked us down I had made the comment that they probably get calls from this woman all the time, and say "Oh God, her again." I guess I was right about that.

Unbeknowst to me one of the members of the group is a doctor, and after the second encounter with her he actually stopped to see what the problem was. The cops did actually come to where we she had stopped the second time. Paul told the cops what had happened, and the cops told her that if she sees the group out on the road again, to take a different route. The cops have had other problems with her.

Apparently she is recovering from a brain tumor, and has some episodes of craziness. Though I feel sorry for her, and wish her a speedy recovery, I have to ask a few questions.

1. Why the hell is she driving a car with that type of condition?
2. Where is her family?
3. Is she on some sort of medication, and is she taking it?

At the time of the incident we were having a some laughs, but looking back on it that was very scary. Suppose she drove her car into the group? What if she had a gun? These are not pleasant thoughts, but in this crazy world one has to think about that.

I exercise for health, and I hope to be like my father and grandmother and be active in my mid 80s. However there is no guarantee that some crazy driver won't do something stupid while I'm out riding or running. This incident just reminds me again that there are no guarantees, and that one must be careful out there.

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BuckeyeRunner said...

Yikes! I found your blog via Joseph @Daily Grind. I often worry about cyclists - a friend of a friend was hit and killed by an idiot driver. It's amazing how angry people get just because we cycle! Stay safe out there!