Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reflecting on my season so far. Part 1

It's mid-July and I have 4 races under my belt so far. 2 Olympics, and 2 sprints. So far, so good. I'm about at the midpoint of my season. My season started early. Depending on how I do in Kansas City next month it could end in September on the beaches of Rye, NY or in October on the beaches of Honolulu, Hawaii. It won't end on the beaches of Kona that's for sure. :-)

April - Saint Anthony's - The big fish in the little pond (BFITLP) tackles the shark infested waters of St. Pete. No shark sitings in Tampa Bay, but just the reality of a slow runner from the Northeast tackling the fleet of foot from Florida in late April. Despite a pretty crappy winter I did manage to put a decent amount of miles on the bike outside. When all else failed there was the Compu-Trainer. For the first time in my life I actually did some real indoor workouts. The Compu-Trainer was one of the better triathlon related toys I've spent money on.

I figured I could do Top 10 down there. That was my public declaration. In the Who's Racin' This Weekend? thread at http://www.trinewbies.com/ that's what I put down as my stated goal. We often put our wishful thinking goal down too. I put Top 5 as the wishful thinking goal. Then there's the super secret goal that we don't share because maybe we're embarrassed to have such delusions of grandeur, and don't want anyone to know. My super secret goal was Top 3. So despite a pathetically slow 10K time of 56:09 BFITLP became a shark in the big bay of Tampa/St. Pete by reaching the super secret goal of 3rd in the F50-54 age group. What I lack on the run I made up for by posting the 2nd fastest bike split in the age group.

June- Pawling Triathlon - This is a very popular local race that's not USAT sanctioned. However it gets a lot of the top local people out, and it sells out every year. In the past wave assignments have been based on when you entered. So if you procrastinated on entering you might end out in the last wave. This year they did something a little different. Last November they sent special entry blanks to anyone who had finished in the Top 100 in the 2004 race. If you sent it back before 12/31/04 you were guaranteed a spot in one of the first two waves. I came in 99th last year so I got one of these forms. So there I was in 2004, not knowing when Nationals were going to be or what other races I would be doing, sending in my first entry for the 2005 season.

I guess I must have been one of the early birds because I ended out with #18, and was in the first wave with 47 guys, and 2 other women. One of the women was last year's women's overall winner. The other was my friend, massage therapist, and long time rival Lisa. Lisa and I have raced against each other many times since the mid 80s. I've only beaten her once. She's more of a distance person, but she always uses this particular race as a speed workout the week before Eagleman. We swam stroke for stroke together, but my goggles fogged up and I tripped coming off the beach and fell flat on my face. Talk about embarrassing! There I am in the first wave with the big boys, and I fall flat on my face in front of all these people waiting for the later waves. I smoked Lisa on the bike, but as usual she reeled me in on the run. It took her longer then usual, and she did it right in front of her friends and teammates from WTC. (Westchester Triathlon Club) *Sigh* 2nd to her again!

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